4 Ways to Broaden and Build an Attitude of Gratitude

How leaders think about gratitude is incredibly important. Of importance, it creates an interpersonal climate of appreciation and acknowledgment. Employees thrive being recognized with praise, compensation, merit, or rewards. Next, it prioritizes a people-first culture and environment by authentically caring about people’s contributions by giving them kudos.  In this blog, you will learn 4 ways to broaden and build an attitude of gratitude. By practicing gratitude, leaders inspire a culture where employees feel valued and supported. This leads to stronger relationships, better performance, and overall success.

4 Ways to Broaden and Build an Attitude of Gratitude

1. Acts of Kindness:

  • Engage in random acts of kindness or help others without expecting anything in return.
  • Take the time to send appreciation emails expressing gratitude to colleagues, team members, or employees.
  • Send handwritten thank-you notes 
  • Send a personal video through Bomb Bomb

2. Recognition Programs:

3. Ritualize Gratitude:

  • Make a habit of expressing gratitude to your team members and colleagues.
  • Bring in Lunch or Throw a party and celebrate your appreciation.
  • Gratitude Jars are fun practices to write down things you are grateful for on sticky notes and place them in the jar.

4. Give Back:

  • Foster a culture of giving back by involving colleagues in organizing charity or community service events.

Questions and Reflections:

  1. How extensive would the list be if you were to reflect on all the things you feel grateful for in the workplace?
  2. How does cultivating an attitude of gratitude impact your overall well-being?
  3. Who are you most grateful for on your team?


In summary, developing an attitude of gratitude is a powerful mindset. When leaders value and appreciate those around them, it positively influences others and creates a productive interpersonal climate. Acts of kindness, recognition, programs, and rituals of gratitude are essential practices to foster appreciation. Reflecting on what we are thankful for and expressing gratitude to others is critical to cultivating this mindset.

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