We believe you have to rock the boat to make waves.

We help organizations build safe harbors by developing high-performing, courageous teams and people-first cultures built on the foundation of Psychological Safety.

Jodie Omalley

Meet Jodie, your Culture & Transformation Captain

With over twenty years helping people change, facilitating team discussions, building cultures, designing, implementing and teaching classes, your organization is in good hands.

I’m Jodie O’Malley, a certified executive coach and licensed social worker. I specialize in creating safe and supportive work environments where people can express themselves, take risks, and collaborate effectively. I focus on developing leadership skills and emotional intelligence and driving cultural change.

What I Offer:

Executive Coaching: Personalized coaching to enhance leadership abilities, communication, trust, and behavioral skills in the workplace.

Workshops and Training: Engaging sessions that equip teams with practical tools for fostering psychological safety, active listening, feedback, and conflict resolution.

Cultural Transformation: Customized initiatives to create an environment where individuals thrive, innovation flourishes, and collaboration is encouraged.

Why Choose Me:

Passionate Dedication: I’m committed to positively impacting and creating inclusive work environments.

Tailored Approach: I offer customized strategies that align with your organization’s vision and values.

Collaborative Partnership: I believe in building solid relationships based on trust and collaboration to drive meaningful change.

Ready to Rock?

If you’re ready to transform your organization and create a culture of psychological safety, let’s connect. Schedule a discovery call at https://rocktheboat.biz/contact/, or you can learn how I can help you with a thriving and inclusive workplace.

Jodie O’Malley, Culture Captain


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Executive Coaching

Leaders, Teams and High Potentials

Leadership Development

360 Feedback, Workshop Facilitator & Educator

Psychological Safety

Creating Safe Cultures

Emotional Intelligence

Empower, Connect, Thrive


Team Building & Coaching


Organization Culture Change


Personal Development


Coaching: Life Optimization, Well-Being & Performance




Bravery, Fearlessness, Vulnerability



Inclusion, Communication, Diversity, Contribution, Connection



Compassion, Emotional IQ, Integrity



Knowledge, Growth, Innovation & Abundance

Education & experience



20+ Years Health Care Experience

Helping people change, facilitating team discussions, designing, implementing, and teaching classes.



Life Coaching, Behavioral Coaching, & Case Management


Mass General Brigham 



Certified Executive Coach

Center for Executive Coaching, Florida (Accredited by ICF)


Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Master of Social Work

Boston College School of Social Work


Bachelor’s of Psychology

Boston College

Certified Executive Coach (Level 2)

Center for Executive Coaching, Florida (Accredited by ICF)

"If you're looking to cultivate a culture of fearlessness onboard your vessel, then look no further. This eBook is just what you need to set your crew on the right course."

Viola Lukas

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    "With 20+ years experience, Jodie is a true pioneer!"


    If you don’t change direction, you may end up where you are heading”

    – Lao Tzu

    Leadership is like Sailing: A Journey for Executives

    As Executives, it is our job to lead our companies and steer them in the right direction. But what is the right direction? Leadership is like sailing, it is a journey of self-discovery. It requires courage, self-determination and an embrace of the uncertainty that lies ahead.

    Just like sailing, we must trust and depend on our skippers and crew members to communicate and coordinate to stay the course. We must navigate through risky and troublesome waters, facing shifting tides and winds, at times fierce headwinds. We must trim our sheets with telltale indicators, harnessing the power of the wind to propel our vessel.

    We must take a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, have gratitude for the awe inspiring views and pause to contemplate and reflect at the vista points. We must take delight in the everlasting golden treasures we unearth along the way.

    As Executives, we must be ready to adjust our sails and tack upwind when necessary. We must be mindful of our blind spots, recognize that a safe harbor lives within us. Finally, when the moment it right, drop an anchor and take a deep dive underwater to enjoy the sea. 

    Executives are the captains of their own ship, empowered to go wherever they desire and change their destination at any point of their journey. Working with us is a courageous journey with seismic shifts and it’s ok to rock the boat! 

    May the wind always be at your back. Where is your journey leading you? 

    Rock The Boat can take you there.

    Jodie O’Malley, Culture Captain

    Make waves.
    Sea change.

    We help develop high-performing, courageous cultures so your organization can make waves and harness new levels of collaboration, innovation and performance.

    Create a psychologically safe workplace.

    Jodie boats