Pioneering the Work Revolution and Clash of Contexts: Survey

In today’s fast-changing work culture, there is a clash between organizations that want employees back in the office and those who prefer a flexible work lifestyle. The back-to-work mandates, hybrid work, and remote work has many advantages and disadvantages and requires careful navigation. Last year, Airbnb boldly allowed employees to work from anywhere worldwide for 90 days. CEO Brian Chesky said, “The office as we know it is over.”  In January, CEO Bob Iger of Walt Disney “Employees will have to be in offices Monday to Thursday. “In May, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy called for a return to the office, stating, “Collaborating and inventing is easier and more effective when we’re in person.” 

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Is curious to hear about your experiences and perspectives. Please take a moment to complete our survey by clicking on the title “Workforce Perspectives: Gaining Insights through our Survey”:

Listen to WBUR On Point with Claire Donnelly and Meghna Chakrabarti. Are return-to-office mandates backfiring? 

Workforce Perspectives: Gaining Insights through Our Survey

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