Discover and Unlock the 4 Cores of Credibility

In the book Speed of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything, Stephen M.R. Covey writes about the 4 cores of credibility: Integrity, Intent, Capabilities, and Results.

Trust is critical to our personal and professional relationships. It is a precursor to achieving credibility and respect, obtaining mutual goals, making time-sensitive decisions, and succeeding. Trust is demonstrated consistently over time through repeated actions and behaviors. Without trust, we become distrustful, dubious, apprehensive, and stressed.   

In this blog, discover and unlock the 4 cores of credibility -self-reflect on these domains. First, evaluate which of the 4 cores of credibility you demonstrate. Next, what workplace behaviors are productive?  Finally, which workplace behaviors are misaligned and can be strengthened and developed? 

What are the 4 Cores of Credibility?

1. Integrity

  • How do you demonstrate integrity?
  • Do your words match your behavior?
  • Do you take a stance of humility?
  • Are you courageous and do the right thing?
  • Are you truthful, honest, and open?
  • Do you leave the right impression?
  • Are you consistent in words and actions?
  • Are you transparent in your communications and actions?

How to Increase Your Integrity?

  • Do you genuinely try to be honest in all your interactions with others?
  • Do you typically “walk the talk”?
  • Are you clear on your values? Stand up for them?
  • Are you open to learning new truths that may cause you to rethink, rework issues, or even redefine your values?
  • Are you consistently making and keeping commitments?

Three High Leveraged Accelerators that Make a Powerful Difference in Increasing Integrity.

  • Make and Keep Commitments to Yourself
  • Stand for Something
  • Be Open

2. Intent

  • How do you show intent?
  • What is your agenda?
  • Do you express warmth, care, and concern?
  • Do you set clear expectations?
  • Do you seek mutual benefit?

The Importance of Intent

  • Intent, Behavior, and Perception Matters.
  • It grows out of character.

How to Improve Intent?

  • Examine and Refine your Motives.
  • Declare Your Intent.

3. Capabilities

  • How do you express capabilities?
  • Are you relevant?
  • Do you follow through on commitments and promises?
  • Do you have a growth mindset and continuously seek to learn and improve?
  • Do you positively inspire others’ capabilities?

Ask Yourself

  • What capabilities do you have that make you credible and that inspire the trust and confidence of others?
  • What experience have you had in developing capacities that affect your confidence?
  • What impact do factors such as technology and globalization have on the relevance of your current capabilities?
  • What is your attitude and approach toward improving and gaining new capabilities?

Dimensions of Capabilities: Use the TASKS acronym

Talents: strengths and natural gifts

Attitudes: mindset, way of being and seeing the world

Skills: capabilities where one excels, identifies skills gaps, up-skill, and re-skill. 

Knowledge: current and evolving knowledge base.

Style: how effective is your approach to problems, people, and opportunities? 

How to Increase Your Capabilities?

  • Run with your Strengths.
  • Keep Yourself Relevant.
  • Identify Skills Gap
  • Invest in Continuous Learning
  • Up-skill and Re-skill
  • Know Where You’re Going.

4. Results

  • How do you determine results?
  • What is your track record?
  • Do you create value?
  • Do you practice accountability with yourself and others?
  • Do you keep commitments, achieve, and maintain results?
  • How do you extend trust to others?

Ask Yourself

  • What kind of results are you currently producing?
  • How good is your track record?
  • How good are you at identifying desired results and executing effectively to accomplish those results?

How Do You Think You Could Improve Your Results?

  • Take Responsibility for Results.
  • Expect to Win.
  • Finish Strong.

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Benefits of Executive Coaching

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  • Improve your communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Increase your self-awareness.
  • Build a stronger executive presence.
  • Achieve your personal and professional goals.

How Executive Coaching Works

Executive coaching is a personalized and confidential process tailored to your needs. Your coach will work with you to identify your strengths and limiting core beliefs, develop an improvement plan, and provide ongoing support and guidance.

Experience the Power of Executive Coaching

If you are ready to take your leadership to the next level, executive coaching is a powerful investment in your future.

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Adapted from Covey, S. M. R. (2008). The Speed of Trust. Simon & Schuster.  

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